Montessori Practical Life

Develop life skills in children – to manage themselves and their environment.

Montessori Sensorial

Develop Children first learning experience through the senses.
These exercises will enhance their observation and discrimination.

Montessori Mathematics

Develop the child’s mathematical concepts step by step using concrete apparatuses.

Montessori Literacy

Develop children’s language and literacy skills through carefully graded phonics approach i.e. blending and decoding using phonic sounds, phonograms and diagraphs. This is coupled with early grammar and sentence construction.

Montessori Cultural/Thematic

Using real and interesting objects in thematic projects and science to enhance the child’s knowledge of their surrounding and to relate it to the wider world.

Montessori Creative Arts

Encourage children to express themselves through music and movement, art & craft, storytelling & writing and role playing.

Montessori Bridging Class

Bridging class for six years old children to prepare them to New Primary One, subject to the National Preschool Curriculum.